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Treatment for cyst in ovary

Treatment for cyst in ovary in Indiranagar

A patient was treated for a functional cyst in her left ovary by Ayur Jagruti Ayurveda physician Dr. Vani in 4 months.

49 years old patient was having profuse bleeding during her periods. Bleeding won't stop without pills. She was getting tired due to blood loss, so much so that she was not able to get up from the bed. She had a cyst in her left ovary (approx. 4.7 * 2.2 cm).

She started her treatment in May end (Year 2019). Internal medicines were given to correct her hormones. With a follow up every month to assess her progress, with a strict diet regimen, she is now free from the cyst (September 2019).

Now her treatment for kidney-related issues is being addressed. The attached image of her ultrasound report clearly shows cyst disappeared in 4 months of treatment.

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